1-2-3 Feng Shui

Most people have heard about Feng Shui but don’t really understand what it does. In the western world, it’s known as the ‘Art of Placement’. To simplify, the complex ancient science is based on the simple rule that there are positive and negative energies and... read more

5 Major Advantages Of Investing In International Real Estate

Many shy away from real estate investments because of their lack of knowledge. If you’re contemplating investing in real estate, below are some advantages that you should be aware of. You Retain Control When it’s not your primary residence, you can buy, sell, rent, or... read more

Critical Lessons Learned While Working In The Middle East

While working in the Middle East, I learned some very important lessons, which are as follows: Importance of high quality – The high quality of workmanship and attention to detail were the keys to the success of any project. Managing Stress – Meeting... read more

The Importance Of Interior Design

Every construction project has many components that ensure the success of the project. It is based on the understanding of the purpose of the development, the cost of construction and the final value of the end product. Architects design buildings based on the purpose... read more

Top 6 Reasons Why Resorts Fail

Are YOU facing challenges in managing your resort? You would be surprised of the common challenges that face managing a resort that can be easily overcome. 1. Start with Your Staff Your staff is the backbone of running your resort smoothly. One of the most common... read more

Where Are Great Real Estate Investment Opportunities?

Our team looks for real estate opportunities in US, Canada and many international locations including the Caribbean. Hotels, resorts and vacation properties yield a high return on investment. We look for locations with strengthening economies and good value for money.... read more

Should YOU Invest In Real Estate Developments?

Real estate may be the best possible way for investors to amass a fortune over the coming decade. In times of great change and flux, the returns can be very profitable. Our team provides in-depth analysis of profitable real estate projects and combined with... read more